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"Like Gauntlet, but good!"- some guy on the TIGSource forums six years ago.

a hyperviolence shooter about making walking corpses explode and setting trees on fire.
this game has been in development hell for seven years with no sign of ever being finished.
(this game is licensed by creative commons share-alike).


DIE SYSTEM- randomizes enemies, item placement, and stage layouts.

MULTIPLE CHARACTERS- several different characters with varied play styles:

  • DUDE- uses machine gun and short, inaccurate shotgun. wrack up combos to get killstreaks and call down airstrikes, set bullets on fire, get a regenerating shield and more.
  • RAY- heavy, long range shotgun that ricochets off walls. volatile grenades that can be thrown over doors and explode on impact with walls.
  • BEN- fast and charming. fastest run speed, can jump over walls, slow down enemies by bashing em with a baseball bat, and direct survivors to fight or escape.
  • BRENT- resistant to fire. uses an axe, flamethrower, and molotovs to control the space around them. does science stuff.
  • TRISH- can set psychic traps and cause enemies innards to be outtards.

STORY MODE- a single episode of story mode, with secret paths and a secret boss. limited ammo and slow pace.

ARCADE MODE- several stages of arcade style gunplay. escape, rescue survivors, and kill hundreds of walking corpses.

SURVIVAL MODE- see how long you can survive against the endless tides of monsters.

ACTION SYSTEM- you press spacebar to interact with stuff. mostly means you can open and break doors.

SLIME MOD- turn all the zombies into slimes.

Gameplay videos demonstrating all of this can be found here:gorehounds gameplay videos


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